Bus Wrapping in Manchester

The most cost-effective form of advertising

Bus Wrapping in Manchester

If you are looking to get lots of attention for your firm in a local area then a bus wrap from Manchester Car Wraps can achieve this. Bus wrapping in Manchester gives one of the greatest WOW factors in the vehicle promotion sector and if done efficiently can improve the profile of your firm considerably. Full bus wraps aren’t as costly as you might assume and this expensive cost expectation can create the impression that your business is much larger than it may be; as the general public often thinks that if something is bigger it must cost a lot more and so a bus wrap could only be cost-effective for a large firm.

Our bus wraps can be created in a number of ways, these may be described as follows:

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promotional bus wrapping in Manchester

Full bus wraps Manchester

Full bus wrapping in Manchester from Manchester Car Wraps covers the whole back of the bus and the majority of the sides of the bus in a printed self adhesive vinyl manufactured to your specifications. How much of the bus that can be wrapped is determined by the bus but most can be nearly completely covered in the vehicle wrap materials.

All painted areas of the bus can be covered and the large areas of glass on modern buses can be wrapped in a contravision material allowing the design of the wrap to be extended into them whilst still enabling the passengers to see out of the windows as if there was nothing there.

Fully wrapping a bus gives the most outstanding opportunity for vehicle advertising mainly due to its size and the fact that it it’s going to be constantly journeying through a set area every day.

Partial bus wrapping in Manchester

Partial bus wrapping in Manchester from Manchester Car Wraps can include a few things. A partial bus wrap can include only the sides of the bus, the rear of the bus or even small areas such as just the windows of the bus.

Rear bus print

A rear bus print is the least expensive option for adverting on a bus. A rear bus print is a full colour print applied to the rear section of a bus (usually the engine cover) and can be more efficient for short term advertising of marketing promotions. Bus wraps often take more than a day to complete so aren’t really ideal for short term ads, however rear bus wrapping in Manchester can be applied in a few hours and be out on the road that same day.

partial bus wrapping

Bus Wraps Created in House

Our bus wrapping service in Manchester and bus prints can be created by you or your in-house graphic designers or you can permit us to create a custom design for your needs. If you need our designers to produce the bus wrap design we are able to provide a free consultation where we will study the areas of the design which are key to your needs and develop custom artwork just for you. With our experience in the vehicle graphics industry we design the artwork in a way as to fit the bus as best as achievable, so the main areas of the design easily fit in the focal points of the bus and gain the most attention. For more information or a free quotation for bus wrapping in Manchester contact Manchester Car Wraps today.